Your old 90s toys could be worth serious cash

Super Soakers and Furbys are fetching upwards of $5,000 online

Feb 18, 2021 | Current events | Spending Habits
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People are paying big bucks for nostalgia

Remember those dusty boxes you left in your parents’ basement? They could now be worth a whole lotta cash. It’s no secret that Beanie Babies can get you a chunk of change on eBay, but pandemic trends have spiked interest in other 1990s toys, too.

Gaming in the US jumped 45% at the start of the pandemic, and the industry finished off 2020 with a growing $160 billion in worldwide revenue. With people craving interaction in isolation — combined with nostalgia for simpler times — retro gaming has become a hot commodity (making local headlines in places like Minnesota and California). From cult video games like Castlevania to board games like Monopoly, prices on eBay have climbed to five figures. You can even get over $1,000 for parting ways with your old Game Boy. Trading cards like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and sports cards are also increasing in value: a gently-used Charizard card from 1999 starts bidding at $1,500, and a mint condition Kobe Bryant card can nearly make you a millionaire. Other things that are all that and a bag of chips? Super Soakers, Lego sets, and Tamagotchis.

If your Furby was too creepy to take out of the box, you’re in luck: collectors have been on a binge this year and a 1998 Furby can sell for over $1,000. Plus, dolls like Calico Critters, American Girl Dolls, Polly Pockets, and Cabbage Patch Kids (especially with their original birth certificates) are worth a pretty penny. And your G.I. Joe action figure? It could net you $5,000. With pandemic reading rates on the rise, you might even have a chance at selling your dusty DC comics and Harry Potter collection (some holy grails are selling for thousands).